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About Us

We believe that dinner should be the most cheerful and relaxing moment in a day to connect with your family and friends. However, we all live in a busy time and dinner planning has become a struggle for many of us. When you choose Nextdish, you can enjoy a tasty and healthy dinner while skipping the planning, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning.

We are a team of passionate foodies who love Asian food, and we aim to bring premium Asian-inspired dishes to your doorstep. Our team has been working on how to make Asian food healthier and tastier for many years, and we have a team of experienced chefs who have mastered the Asian cooking techniques - stir-frying, roasting, braising, steaming and stewing - our chefs get it right. Our recipes have also been tested and acknowledged by many eaters in multiple restaurants over the years and we hope to bring that food experience to more people like you.

Behind the scenes, we purchase seasonal and local ingredients everyday to ensure the freshness of every single dish. We leverage a huge data-driven system to strictly control our processes, ingredient quality and route optimization, so the food is still hot and fresh when it is on your hand, without the need to reheat.

Enjoy a fantastic Asian-inspired dinner experience with your beloved ones. We are here to bring you the next dish.